My name is Christopher Grant Ward and I run Folk4Parks: a net-roots org dedicated to the preservation of open spaces in California and across the world. This organization is completely funded out of my own pocket to give back to this state that I love.

Since 2009, I have traveled to over 200 CA State Parks, spent 5000 miles on the road and made over 15 short films getting the word out about impending park closures, budget cuts and the importance of voting Yes on Prop 21. I believe the best arguments for saving California State Parks are the parks themselves. No other place in the world preserves the world’s tallest and oldest trees, deserts, inland seas, volcanic lakes and over 200 miles of stunning coastline. My desire is bring this inspiration to all Californians through film, art and photography.

I put this website together to make sure the public can SEE what’s at stake here. There’s too much to lose and, if we come together, not that big of a hurdle to meet our goals. If you feel moved to do so, I encourage you to donate through Givegoods.org. They are another great organization I am involved with and we’ll absolutely make sure all your money goes directly to helping parks. Donate here: http://folk4parks.org/preventparkclosures/

Want to chat? We’re always up late. Just send us an email.

Now, stop loooking at your computer and go visit a park!



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