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Up and Down, North to South

13 Dec

Previous Trail Posts The Path of Electrical Storms    The Day I Left    Photo Log: Forms and Shapes ________________________________________________________ I’m running as fast as I can. This sub-alpine plain between Forester Pass and Tyndall Creek is covered in black clouds, a rock path and very few trees. Lightning hits a second or so away. I’m headed [...]

John Muir Trail: The Path of Electrical Storms

11 Sep

My fellow hikers would probably say I’d spent most days on the John Muir Trail breaking camp early and hiking briskly uphill, then, stopping for hours to perch on some rock to read and make coffee. This afternoon, I was reading near the banks, where two rivers met. I’d only brought a few pages from [...]

John Muir Trail: The Day I Left

9 Sep

My time on the John Muir Trail can be split into two parts: The first eight days amounted to getting settled, learning to camp for the first time ever in my life, getting more fit, working out required food, and working through my knee issues and how to sleep in a bivy sack (see below). [...]

John Muir Trail: Forms and Shapes

1 Sep

Folks, Just finished a 221 mile through hike of the John Muir Trail. An intense, purging and beautiful experience to say the least, but images may help convey my thoughts better than words. Putting together a few sets with some captions below where appropriate.  I’ll post more over the next few weeks. The first set [...]

Citizens Rally at the State Capitol to Prevent CA State Park Closures

3 Nov

We literally brought the parks issue to Jerry Brown’s door. Read Christopher’s speech from the rally here. On Tuesday Nov 1, 2011, citizens led by California State Parks Foundation marched from Leland Stanford Mansion SHP (one of the state parks currently planned for closure) to the State Capitol for a short rally to protest the [...]

Be Inspired, Not Angry

2 Nov

Thanks to California State Parks Foundation for inviting me to speak and participate yesterday. I had several requests to post what I talked about yesterday at the state capital. Here’s it is. – Christopher ###   Said simply, I tell stories. I’ve spent the last 3 years driving 5000 miles across California to visit almost [...]

The Value of CA Parks, In One Word.

11 Oct

Part 3 of the video documentary. Hear from CA park rangers, experts and non-profit organizations describe the value of CA State Parks and what these places mean to them. Some great and enlightening thoughts on the subject from very committed individuals at Mono Lake Committee, Stewards of The Coast And Redwoods, Friends of Pio Pico, [...]

Mono Lake: CA State Park Closure Report

26 Sep

The following California State Parks closure report comes to us from the shores of Mono Lake, written by Janet Carle, a Retired State Park Ranger and Volunteer Coordinator for the Mono Lake Volunteer Program. I had the pleasure to meet Janet in July when I was shooting the Folk4Parks video documentary. I hope you find [...]

Awareness IS Advocacy: Your Voice Can Prevent CA State Park Closures

20 Sep

Have you ever asked the question, “What can I do to save CA State Parks?” I get asked this question all the time. And in late 2011, there are several fast responses: Write a form letter to Jerry Brown, asking him to approve AB42. This will let non-profits step in to help parks. Volunteer! Click [...]

3 Money Myths About CA State Parks

16 Sep

70 of 278 California State Parks are closing by 2012. That means 25% of our existing state parks will be inaccessible to the public. Historic parks, coastal access, fragile ecosystems, archaeological assets, and irreplaceable resources are at risk. I’ve talked about the emotional, social and philosophical reasons for preserving parks. For those of you who [...]